Everyone Has a Website...
Now What?

Yes, everyone has a website but only a few actually provide value.

If you’re reading this you might be wondering why your website is not getting traffic, sales, or generating leads. Well the hard truth is that there are a number of reasons why your site may not be living up to it’s full potential. On this page we’ll go through a few key reasons why.

How to grow my site

Storytelling – Communication comes in two forms on the web, that’s visual and written. Does the look of your website represent your business or brand accurately?

Traffic and Visibility – We know millions of people browse the web but you’re not getting any eyeballs, why? Are you going to sit idle while your competition rakes in the dough?

Analytics and Data – What do you know about your website? It’s not magic, in fact, it’s quite easy to understand what users are doing on your site allowing you to optimize it for success.

– Storytelling

Judging a Book by it's Cover

Yeah, were told not to judge a book by it’s cover, yet we all do. Our experience tells us that a re-design alone will increase conversions sometimes by 70% or more. Studies show that visitors will determine everything they think they know about your service or product within the first 10secs of being on your site. Surely that’s not enough time to read anything so what are they judging? They are judging your design, your visual brand story. Is your design telling your brand story accurately or is it turning your visitors away? Contact us for a design consultation. Find out how we can we bring strategic thinking to your website design.

Brand Storytelling

– Traffic and Visibility

Everyone, Look at Me!

Unfortunately, if you haven’t done any optimization to your site chances are only a few people a day will ever see your site. The web is a monstrous sea full of websites and search engines are the fisherman. Search engines have set very strict parameters on how they determine which sites to catch. First, it looks for page speed, it’s recommended to be no longer than 5secs load time. Secondly, it will try to determine what your site is about. This is where your meta information and (H) tags come in handy. Lastly, it looks for popularity. Sites with higher volumes of traffic appear to search engines as “popular content” and those sites will be pulled first in searches. Let us take a look at how well your site is optimized.

– Analytics and Data

Get Out of the Dark and Into The Know

What do you know about your website? Which pages are your users favorite? How many visitors do you get? How long do users stay on your site? Where do they come from? There are several questions you should be asking yourself about your website. Google Analytics has made it extremely easy to “get in the know” about what’s happening on your website. Maximum potential comes from fully understanding your website visitors. Giving them more of what they like and optimizing the areas they visit less frequently. See how we can help you get the info you need.

Website Analytics

When it All Comes Together!

Enjoy a sample of a recent custom web project we completed for an Italian restaurant in San Diego named Pesto Craft. Early on they understood the importance of combining the three aforementioned topics into their site. We created a compelling brand story with lots of large visuals, added a solid SEO optimized content strategy, and threw in the Google Analytics. Proud to say the business is doing better than ever now! Are you ready to step up your web game?

Ready to Grow Your Online Traffic?

Contact us today and let’s kick the tires on your website. Find out how strategic SEO thinking, telling a powerful brand story, and data analysis can help you get your website doing what it was meant to do…grow your business!

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