Updated: October 17, 2017

Christmas is approaching…is it too late to be good?

It’s not too late yet, but don’t wait any longer. Start preparing your holiday marketing now. A recent survey shows that 76% of Americans will do their holiday shopping online and collectively spend an estimated 6 billion dollars, that’s billion with a “b”.


How our Partnership with Benefits You

That’s right, we get free printed samples of the actual designs we create for you!. This is a huge benefit as no other printers will do this. will only do this for its partners. This helps to see the quality of the design…


159 Design is Now a Google Partner in AdWords

We started out by taking over 20 study courses offered by Google. Each course was about 1 hour long so we had to spread this out over a couple weeks as we were still juggling client work. Once our confidence was through the…


10 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

Yup, we live in a digital age which makes¬†IRL marketing necessary to connect with your audience on a more human level. Make some flyers and posters for local coffee shops and hangouts, or a little sidewalk chalk with your social…