159 Design is Now a Google Partner in AdWords

How We Did It

We started out by taking over 20 study courses offered by Google. Each course was about 1 hour long so we had to spread this out over a couple weeks as we were still juggling client work. Once our confidence was through the roof we decided to take the official tests which included 100 extremely challenging questions that had to be completed within 120 mins. Google requires you pass a minimum of two test before you’re certified as a Google partner. We passed both tests on the first try, one for AdWords Fundamentals, and the other for AdWords Shopping. We still have four more credentials we’re going after in the coming months! Check out our certificate on the Google partners page.

“If you build it….you may still need AdWords”

-Jennifer Mesenbrink – Strategist, Motorola

Google Adwords Certificate - 159 Design

How Does Our Certification Benefit You?

Google AdWords is a very large industry, in fact, reports say Google earns 78% of the 36.7 billion-dollar search Ad industry. Whoa! That’s a lot of cash so even though Google allows you to run ads without a certificate they have made Ad priorities a competition. An inexperienced person running AdWords can waste a lot of money with ads that aren’t performing for conversions as well as be in jeopardy of having their ads not shown as frequently. There is more on this topic than I can cover here, but in short having our certification proves that we understand how to run a successful campaign with AdWords.

Adwords Example Infographic

Benefits of AdWords

Small Initial Investment
Defining Budget
High ROI
Target Traffic
Test Marketing Campaigns

Instant traffic
Tracking success
Targeting ads locally
Suggested high volume keywords
Improves hands-on experience

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