10 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

1. In Real Life Marketing (IRL)

Yup, we live in a digital age which makes “natural” IRL marketing necessary to connect with your audience on a more human level. Make some flyers and posters for local coffee shops and hangouts, or a little sidewalk chalk with your social handle. This strategy works great for locally-orientated businesses.

“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards”

-Jay Baer


2. Commission a Mural

A vibrant and conceptual wall mural can really turn heads. People will often pass by your business time and time again and not even realize you are there. A mural will help to drive curiosity in your business and increase foot traffic. A mural can also be used to promote online businesses just like an Ad. Use FindaMuralist.com to locate a painter in your area.

Creative Marketing Ideas - Mural

3. Use Your Surroundings

Looking at your urban surroundings differently can present opportunities to capture your message in a creative way. The highly unexpected engagement with this type of messaging allows it to really become memorable and unique.

Creative Marketing Ideas - guerilla-marketing

4. Run a Promotion with a Neighboring Businesses.

Look for opportunities to partner with a neighboring business and offer promotions. As in “you got the drinks, I’ve got the cups” kind of thinking to ensure the businesses are not competitors. A good example of this is to come together behind a common goal like a charity or a community effort. This will help expose your business to their already trusted customer base and vice versa.

5. Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook offers a very user-friendly advertising platform. Local and global ad campaigns can be utilized for a very reasonable price. One trick is to link the ad to content rather than a product image or buy now ad. This will help your ad appear more “organic” in the news feed and likely return greater clicks. Then you can use a subscribe button or links to your product on the content page to continue the sales funnel. If you’re new to Facebook ads or need help with creative and graphics handling give us a shout.

Creative Marketing Ideas - Facebook Ads

6. Run a Photo Contest Using Wishpond

A photo contest is a powerful way to gain user interaction, brand awareness and increase sign-ups. Running a photo contest also allows you to obtain new assets of your actual clients with your product, needless to say, these assets can be extremely useful for future marketing ideas. Running a photo contest on Facebook couldn’t be easier with Wishpond.com. Check out their step by step instructions.

7. Launch  “tag a friend” content

Basically, the new email chain, tag a friend feature in Facebook allows your content to spread to a wide audience extremely fast. I’m sure you’ve seen lot’s of memes in your feed, well I suggest creating some “relatable” content that incorporates your brand promises in an inconspicuous way.

Creative Marketing Ideas

8. Use Short Videos to Promote Your Content

Statistics show users will click a video before a static image. Creating a short promo video for your written content is a great way to get users down the funnel and increase your chances of them reading your content. Below are 5 tools you can use for easy and quick short video editing:

Legend App
Boomerang iOSBoomerang Andriod
PicPlayPost iTunesPicPlayPost Android

9. Launch a Text Based PPC Campaign

Pay per click (PPC) text ads are one of the most effective ways to get in front of your customers at the point they are looking for your product or service. It works by attaching keywords to your ads, then when users search anything on Google containing your keyword Google shows your ad at the top of its results. The great thing is you set your own daily budget and you only pay if someone clicks your ad. We are Google AdWords certified so if you’re interested in getting more information on how they work and what they can do for your business then give us a shout.

10. Launch a Display PPC Campaign

Just like a text PPC ad you only pay when a user clicks your ad. The two biggest differences between text and display are that display ads feature an image or graphic. This is helpful to drive more creativity to your messaging. The second big difference is that display ads show up on websites across the Google network whose content is relevant to your ad. So when a user is browsing a site that has similar keywords as your ad then your ad will be shown.